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          Welcome to Jianghai District Ganghai Food Factory!


          Company profile

          Ganghai Food Factory, to which the certificate of Approval for enterprises with foreign trade right and licence for quality of sanitary registeration are granted, is a professional manufacturer, a processor and a wholesaler. We also will be granted the certificate of ISO9001:2000; the certificate of HACCP; the certificate of FDA ;foreign registration of canada.

          Hai Ji Shan is the brand, which is established in 2001. Our MOTO are "Quality is the first", "Price is reasonable", "Technology is the first", "safely management", "credit and reputation are the first", "Customer is god". For our part, to promote the quality of every product is the most important. Pursuing growing up by using of science and technology is the matter of the factory. We keep developing new products, expanding native and international market.

          The original stuff of our products come from the farm so that we can reduce the cost. Our products satisfy different needs of various families and get high marks from the customers and experts.

          Highly welcome contracts for future delivery and trade of processing. Let's construct a beautiful food culture.

          We can pack the products according to any kind of enquiry.


          Canned mushroom:
          Bailing Mushroom,Abalone Mushroom, Hericium Erinaceus, Hericium Erinaceum, Flammulina Velutipes, Lentinu Edodes Sing, Straw Mushroom

          Canned field murshroom:
          Head of Elder Fungus, Suillus Bovinus, Yellowy Waxy Cap

          Canned soup:
          Sea Cucumber Soup, Australian Lobster Soup, Shark's Fin Soup, Abalone Cucumber Stomach With Shark's Fin soup Canned sea food Shark's fin, Ablone, Sea Ablone, Sea cucumber, Jelly fish, Sardine, Tuna, Eel, Whorl, Snail,Shall,Green Mussel

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